Administrative, Application and Advocacy Services

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Triple A support

AAA-150x150.jpg We offer Administrative, Application and Advocacy Services.

Our firm has many years of experience in assisting our clients in exerting their rights, completing a multitude of governmental forms and applications as well as helping our clients wade through the quagmire of governmental and private sector bureaucracy.

Allow us to take the lead for all your Governmental/private sector filings (Old Age Security Applications, Canadian Pension Plan Applications, Disability Support Program Applications, Insurance forms etc.).

Let us help you with your General Administrative Needs: can’t find the right words to fight back, to request information and to seek clarification? Let our expertise in  business and process research; persuasive writing; and our knowledge of government structure and process work for you to ensure that your rights are properly represented so that you get what is rightly yours.

Don’t understand the  “mumble Jumble” on the forms or letters you received? Please contact us we can help by representing your interests as they relate to your objectives and your needs.

We are not lawyers and do not charge like lawyers, we believe that everyone should be able to access an advocate at reasonable rates.

Why wait? Call (905) 704-8586

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